Acea Mausoleum

The perfectly petite Acea mausoleum was constructed by Farrington, Gould and Hoagland, one of New York’s most prolific mausoleum builders. Although the firm was based in New York, they always used granite quarried in Barre, Vermont.

Spending eternity inside the mausoleum is Nicolas Acea (October 22, 1828-January 7, 1904), his wife Francisca Toste y Garcia Fallencida, Acea (?-May 24, 1912) and their young son Tomas Acea y Terry (August 10, 1867-July 25, 1884). Cuban-born Acea made his fortune growing and refining sugar in Cienfuegos, Cuba, where he and his wife died.
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[address cemetery=”Green-Wood Cemetery” street=”Willow Avenue” city=”Brooklyn” state=”New York” zip=”11218″]

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