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Thank you for your interest in a Forever Legacy private mausoleum. Complete the information below to request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with our mausoleum experts.

Forever Legacy offers those considering or planning a mausoleum two things. We offer impeccable customer service from a principal of the company from the first phone call through mausoleum completion. We offer the highest quality mausoleum construction materials crafted and built by the industry’s top builders and craftsmen to create a custom private mausoleum — a legacy to stand the test of time.

A private or family mausoleum built by Forever Legacy is a fine work of art, a custom design exhibiting strength, durability, and beauty. It is an enduring tribute to the discerning and accomplished families we represent.

At the initial design consultation, you meet with a principal of Forever Legacy to discuss location and design options, from architectural style to statuary, of your private mausoleum. We ensure your custom granite mausoleum is the very best reflection of you and your legacy.

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