The Rachmaninoff Mausoleum


The Rachmaninoff mausoleum is a blend of classical elements, such as Corinthian columns and the stepped entablature leading to a triangular face, with modern clean lines and simplistic styling. The landscaping, featuring flower beds, a short hedge wall and rounded benches for visiting and reflection, invite friends and family members to come and spend time with the deceased in this stately but welcoming setting.

The high-quality dark stone is offset by lighter tiles in the walkway, and lends an air of mystique and importance to the mausoleum, setting it apart from the lighter stone typically used in mausoleum construction. This-expertly crafted mausoleum is a prime example of the grandeur that comes from a simple design, the right materials, and well-placed landscaping elements.

  • Dimensions: n/a
  • Weight: n/a
  • Granite: n/a
  • Number of Crypts/Niches: n/a

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