Mausoleum Trends in 2017


Unlike their occupants, mausoleum trends come and go.

Old world aesthetics continue to influence architecture for the dead. A massive number of mausoleums were designed in the classical era so it makes sense that a classical style impacts modern death designs. Besides, the designs please a wide range of people.

However, as times change, buildings do, too. This is true even of death chambers. Now, more people opt for the construction of private, personalized mausoleums. These personalized options provide privacy and a way to make an everlasting statement. Modern mausoleums often feature streamlined exteriors that reflect a contemporary style, with simple lines and less fanfare. This trend proves especially appealing if the mausoleum stands in an isolated area away from older styles of resting places.

Conceive and Grieve

Conceptional mausoleums take personalization even further. Some people even design cubes for their final resting place. It’s possible to dream-up a plethora of mausoleum creations as long as they violate no laws and there’s enough money to pay for the construction. One thing to consider when going this route is how the design will impact visitors. Keeping their physical comfort in mind helps ensure that the mausoleum functions as intended.

Eternally Green

Another trend pertains to the eco-friendlness of the resting place. Even Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan worry about maintaining a green final footprint. They’ve chose a smaller structure to house their cremated remains. This modernization caused controversey in Japan, but the couple made it clear that their services and resting places must not cause a fuss on any level, not even with the environment. In addition to reducing the size of their chamber, they want the materials used in its construction to treat the earth kindly.

Functional Art

Whatever the style of mausoleum, such structures continue to provide a valuable service to the dearly departed and their loved ones. The look of mausoleums change from era to era. But the services that mausoleums provide helps people the world over, even modern day emperors.

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